Vanquishers of Evil

Purveyors of Virtue

A Brotherhood of Knights

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Who we are...

All that evil needs to exist is for good men to do nothing... And so, the Knight's Guild was formed by an order of men and women in a land without a true King, like many realms. These men and women would band together and proclaim themselves as protectorates of the free and innocent peoples. A nameless face known by many, we are the Knight's Guild. Huzzah!

We are a like-minded, casual Roleplaying guild for the beginner and veteran RPer alike. We engage in RPvM, RPvP and various mediums of direct RP using third party extension platforms (such as discord, the forums, etc.) to share interests and creativity. Knighthood is a lifestyle, so come explore more of it through the adventure of immersing yourself into UO like never before!

What we do...

PvM: Player vs Monsters

Dungeon Crawls, Corrupt Shrines, Dungeon Bosses, Treasure Hunting, Guild Quests and More! We rally our troops together with to take on the many end-game monsters within this realm seeking the glory of good old Ultima Online! Polish your platemail, Knights, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!


PvP: Player vs Players

We engage in combat with other players who show hostility towards us or the innocent. Mainly thieves, murderers and looters, we've occasionally had respectful battles with certain groups, but ultimately understand this is a dog-eat-dog world, and we must be strong enough to survive against those who would do us or the innocent harm. PvP Training is available in game at request for those new to the battlefield.

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Guild Quests & Achievements

Doing custom and unique quests formed and setup by players, ranging from escorting caravans to recon missions, our members are able to stay active and achieve special rankings and titles within the Order. The quests themselves vary widely and offer the most unique experience to UO any shard can offer, for each quest is different and carries into the history and lore of our guild's archives.


Roleplay & Special Interests

Roleplay comes in many forms, from in game interactions to forum stories or even live text based RP in programs like discord. D20 campaigns using UO characters in discord have and still are being played today. Many forum posts archive the great lore and stories that countless avatars have left this world saturated with, and many more will come and leave their mark in these ways. We do our best to explore these different avenues of Roleplay and bring the immersive experience of a life in Ultima Online to new progressive heights.

On that note, Roleplayers also tend to be a creative lot who have various hobbies and interests they share with one another or use to enhance their roleplay/gaming experience. Usually over Discord, many knights have shared their creative arts in select channels for these types of outlets, from drawing and photography to music and home crafted ales! Others have shown passion for medieval reenactments and their menagerie of metal armor and weaponry. Being one of the most eclectic groups of creative individuals, this has made for a great community over the years. Join us and show us what kind of neat knightly hobby or art you are into!


Guild Chronicles: Over Three Years of Adventure


Our Arrival ('16-'17)

Fleeing our home world, consumed by orcish fire, we arrived in the lands of Forever with a purpose to stop the same race that burned our old realm; the Orcs... After the Great Orc Wars here in this realm and finding a new purpose, we began the next step in growing as Knights; Virtuism... Through this, we learned to temper our blades with wisdom and the Virtues.


The Greater Good ('17-'18)

Studying the Virtues brought forth a period of peace, when riches and castles were constructed and a home was founded for our order. Allies were made and prosperity was abundant. Villages became towns, towns became cities and Knights were there to guard them... This was the golden age of the Knight, when their image would be a reminder of hope in these lands...


Cataclysm ('18-'20)

Kings of olde and elders of the deepest magic visited the land and the Knights were there to honor them with their traditional sport of Jousting. However, when these avatars of old departed, evil struck the land and the shards of the fabled Gem of Immortality were disturbed, creating a cataclysmic rift between our world and another, far distant in time, foreseen by the prophets; the Outlands.