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The Lands of Forever

It was here, years ago, in the lands known as Forever that the Knight's Guild called their new home. Driven out of their old world by the war-breed known as Orcs to many lands, the Knight's made it their quest to stop the Orcs of Forever from burning this lush and beautiful realm too. War waged between Knight and Orc for ages here in Forever, but soon their numbers were thinned and the balance of good and evil was restored once more. This laid a new path down before the Knight's as they would now turn their focus to other evils that plagued the land and begin their studies in the art of Virtuism, a practice of sacrifice, discipline and living the Virtues in ones day to day life.

Alliances were formed and the Knight's had found themselves in a period of peace and prosperity. The Free City of Trinsic would accept the Knight's pledge to protect their Governess (to some, a future Queen) Lady Skye Wolfbane, and create a pact to serve the free and innocent peoples of this world together. Many other guilds and alliances would hear of this news and soon, too, take up the banner of "the good fight" alongside them, for thieves and murderers were bringing their era of peace to an end.

It is still here, and now, in our realm of achievement that we call home. The lands of Forever will always need us Knights, for there is always evil lurking in the shadows of this realm and others. Join us, as we take our quest even further into Forever! Huzzah!!!

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Friday Night Fight Knight Jousts on UOF!

Join us on the First and Last Friday of every month, only on Ultima Online Forever, for the honor-bound sport of Jousting! There is no entry fee and the minimum prize pool is always at least 250k (often fans donate to make it upwards of 1 million gold!)... The event is held at 9pm EST and gates are usually opened at the WBB for participants and spectators. All you need is a lance and gm iron plate at best. You must have 100.0 in Tactics as well as either Swordsmanship, Fencing or Mace Fighting and also 100 strength in order to use a Lance. No armored clothing, no healing, no buffs of any kind and no poisoned lances!


 We've run over 100 events and given out millions upon millions in prizes and don't plan to stop soon! See you there!